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Dancercise 舞習作・2018
6/9 - 6/10: 工作坊《身意內導遊樂場及接觸即興》
7/20 - 7/22:工作坊《身體譜》
9/2 - 9/30: 工作坊《傾聽身體故事 - 身心舞動》

OFF|SITE . 在場・ 2018
3/17 - 3/24 : 口述歷史工作坊
6/16 - 6/24:紀錄劇場研習工作坊
11月:從記憶看見你 -紀錄劇場演出

Beyond Dance・ 2018
8/9 - 8/12 : 工作坊《動作符號﹣動作探索及分析》

1/5 - 1/21 《澳門百味圖》現場藝術及展覽 (澳門城市藝穗節節目)
5/5 - 5/26:工作坊《躍動的小樹苗﹣兒童律動》

2010年10月17日 星期日



Each environment has its own respective emotion.

This is a process of emotion writing with sound, video and dance;

A collage of journey and memory

2010年10月16日 星期六


旅程.記憶.拼貼/ Journey.Memory.Collage

〝通過三次去到 Varanasi 恆河邊,去尋找音樂的旅程,到今天能沈澱下來的,就集成為這「記憶」了。


“I travelled to Varanasi for three times, a journey to look for music by the side of Ganges River, what has been accumulated today integrated as my “MEMORY”.

From my first trip to Ganges, I encountered different travelers everyday. Each one of them had his respective purpose and itinerary. Some just hang around and kill time; while some oth
ers seeking for Avatar, hoping to go to heaven earlier; there were quite a number of people aiming to explore Indian music as well. And finally I met this friend of really “a meeting of minds”. The music and multi medium that intersect in this creative process will thus integrate as our future “MEMORY”.


"During the rehearsal, my belly is so big and heavy, due date is in early November, very soon, my baby will come out to see this world. Now, I find that my body becomes cumbersome, tired and pain, I hope I can finish as soon as possible the rehearsals of the dance part, as well as arrangements and co-ordination of the show, including the venue, lighting, creative, production, administrative …….... and so on, then I can really relax and prepare for my labor; the rest…..be entrusted. Prospective father concerns about me, trying to persuade me to cancel the show several times. I certainly understand his worry and thank him for his love and care, But you know, pregnancy is a time of great vitality when your body is filled with creative energy and life force, it makes me a little difficult to calm down. This is an exciting and life-long journey, all the experience and feeling are brand new, everyday is a new lesson to learn. I have to adjust and adapt myself to more upcoming changes.”

Candy (監製/Producer):


In my childhood memories, sitting in the Lam Van Bay and Sai Van Bay, looking out the banks, there’s a broad vision, We could see a beautiful bay with far away mountain ranges, sometimes a fishing boat out fishing on the water, what a leisure atmosphere!. But now, what we see are blocks of highrise, neon building in front of us. In the near future, with the development of New City Reclamation Project, Lam Van Lake C, D district, and the first phase of light rail station will be located in the northern shore of Lam Van Lake…………….. Also, the artificial island for housing the “Zhuhai-Macao Port” of “Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge” in front The Pearl sculpture is now under construction, which is expected to be completed in December 2012. By that time, there will be another new landscape and skyline.

I choose this site as the location of "Memory – Multi-media Concert" because at this moment of time, looking out from this particular direction, we can still see a panoramic view with broad water surface, and hear the sound of the tide hitting the rocky bank. Thus, whil
e we are still having this beautiful scenery before the flooding of urban development , let’s treasure and enjoy !

MU Child:

2010年8月7日 星期六


11月24-25日 / Nov.24-25

澳門城市藝穗2010 :"記憶-跨媒體音樂會"
Macao City Fringe 2010: MEMORY - multimedia concert




Each environment has its respective emotions;
This is a process of emotion writing with sound, video and dance;
a collage of journey and memory.

創作意念 Creative Concept:
台灣聲音藝術家木小孩 (MU Child) 與澳門音樂愛好者Cult_loc,在2008年五月在印度,在不可預期的空間中,兩人在印度的聖地恆河相遇,兩人於期間學習印度古典音樂。兩位藝術家各自於印度進行他們生命的旅程。自古恆長的恆河地區,給了許多現代與傳統藝術家許多靈感與啟發,兩位藝術家面對其個人不同的生命旅程後,回到各自生活地景,試著將在恆河所得到養份,表現於他們的空間裡,兩位不同生活背景的藝術家,試著碰撞出讓人不可預期的結果。

Taiwan sound artist MU Child and Macao music lover Cult_loc met in India in May 2008. In an unexpected space, they encountered with each other in the holy land of Ganges River, where they learned Indian classical music. Since ancient time, Ganges region is the place of many artists’ inspiration, after finishing a part of their life journey in India, each of the two artists returned home, trying to cultivate the nutrients they got in Ganges and expressed in their different aspect of live. In this concert, the two artists of different life background, attempt to crash out an unexpected result.

創作團隊 Creative team:
音樂 Music : (台灣/Taiwan) 木小孩 MU child; (澳門/Macao) Cult_loc
影像 Video:(澳門/Macao) Saiyan
舞蹈 Choreography:(澳門/Macao) 郭瑞萍 Candy Kuok

MU Child 與 Cult_loc,集結澳門與台灣、印度三地的環境音景錄音,在這樣的聲音大氣層中,他們將進行聲音詩的書寫。MU Child透過各種黑膠報廢唱片與Cult_loc的印度樂器現場採樣,並結合影像騎師 Saiyan現場進行的影像剪接,形體舞者的肢體演譯,將印度古城與現代繁囂城市的脈絡層層交織。

By collecting environmental sound recordings from the three places, Macao, Taiwan and India, MU Child and Cult_loc will carry out a sonic poetry writing in an irresistible ambience.

With MU Child’s selection of scrapped vinyl records and Cult_loc’s field sampling of Indian musical instruments, combining the live video edited images of Saiyan, and movement interpretation of the dancer, the context of bustling modern city and ancient India intertwined.

表演者  Performer:
木小孩 (MU Child); Cult_Loc; Saiyan; 羅家輝 (Lo Ka Fai)

演出地點 Venue:
友誼橋大馬路,黑沙灣海濱公園(近明珠雕塑,君悅灣對面)“Parque Marginal de Areia Preta” @ Avenida da Ponte da Amizade (near The Pearl sculpture, opposite “The Residencia Macau”)

到演出地點路線 Route
到達馬場東大馬路的巴士路線:2, 3A,6,MT3, 12, 17, 19

From the“Youth Activity Center of Bairro do Hipódromo” at Avenida Leste Hipódromo, walk across the pedestrian bridge and keep going forth for 5 mins.

Bus route: No.2, 3A,6,MT3, 12, 17, 19

藝術家簡介/ Artist Biography

木小孩/MU Child


在日本、美國及英國獨立音樂出版體,以MU和MU Child的筆名出版CD (包括:2003年日本大阪音樂廠牌C.U.E出版音樂作品『MU』專輯;2004年,美國獨立廠牌Centibel出版音樂作品『R/MU/X』及英國實驗廠牌V/VM出版『BBBunny!BBunny!!Bunny!!!』專輯;2005年日本獨立廠牌Lostfrog出版音樂作品『Blod』;2007年美國羅德島音樂廠牌Secret eye出版『Giant kingdom』等。)2004年獲邀參加台北國際音樂節;2007年獲選「雲門舞集」第四屆「流浪者計劃」,前往印度參與靈修課程,學習印度管樂器,沿途採集當地音景,並收錄於其「巨人王國」個人創作計劃。2010年為「雲門舞集2」之 『春鬥』中的舞蹈作品<裂>創作音樂。


MU Child, born in Taiwan - Yilan, focuses on multimedia sound creation. His music combines illusive electronic, environmental noises and natural sounds. Being inherited a deep passion with hearing, MU finds himself moving freely between visual and audio medium. For him, "the visual aesthetics can be completely converted into a variety of audio, such as the ratio of body shape, texture, faces, etc.". At the age of 22, MU started using “audio” as the media exploring the variety of abstract concepts.

Using MU/MU Child as pseudonym, published CD album in Japan, USA and Britain (including: by Japan music label C.U.E, Osaka in 2004; by America music label Centibel in 2004; <> by British experimental label V/VM; by Japan independent music label Lostfrog in 2005; by America Rhode Island music label Secret eye in 2007, etc ) . In 2004, MU was invited to participate in Taipei International Music Festival. In 2007, being selected in the “Wanderer Project” of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, MU travelled to India, attending spiritual courses, learning Indian classical flute, and collecting local soundscape alongside. In 2010, MU created music for the dance work “Split” in the “Spring Riot” programme of Cloud Gate 2.

In addition to music, MU is committed to his own handmade soap brand, conveying the life and naïve innocence of childhood emotion. “MU Child Soap” is one of the sponsors of 2010 Taipei Fringe Festival.




Rhythm fanatics, loves collaborating with different style of music. In recent years, Cult_loc has grown keen interest in learning and development of India tabla and sitar.


Saiyan a.k.a. mr. piksi

來自澳門的Saiyan aka mr. piksi 是香港Drum N' Bass團體Magnetic Soul之重要成員之一。從05年開始,於香港組織大型音樂派對,積極推廣Drum n' Bass音樂文化,創辦了被譽為"歷史性一刻"的首個澳門低音派對Bass Attack。為香港和澳門之低音文化交流,起了關鍵作用.

在音樂上,Saiyan經歷了不同年代的音樂洗禮, 其樂風格亦集各家之大成. Soul, Jazz, Electro, Funk, Drum N' Bass, Jungle, Dub, Breaks 等都會在他的音樂中看到。02年與好友在澳門組成Dr.樂隊,音樂種類有Nu Skool Breakz,Drum N' Bass,Jungle,Experiment,Dub。於04年更發表Dr.樂隊大碟「OD」。

Saiyan及後於07年更開始其DJ生涯,風格以Drum n' Bass, Dubstep, IDM, Dub為主。更與來自世界各地DJ同場演出,當中包括Roni Size (Full Cycle), LTJ Bukem (Good Looking Records), Ed Rush & Optical (Virus), Total Science ( C.I.A.), Dj Fresh (Bad Company/ Breakbeat Kaos/ Dogsonacid/ UK), Dj Randall (Metalheadz), Spectrasoul (Shogun Audio), Utah Jazz( Liquid V ), Q-BiK (Basewerk/ Perth), DJ Outrage (backlash), DJ Makoto (Good Looking Records), Sonic (Space Recordings), TC1(Dispatch Recording), T-base (Jazzbah Records), John B等, 亦於大型音樂節如澳門電子音樂節擔任DJ角色。

除了音樂, Saiyan 亦以另一個名宇, Mr.Piksi於時裝, 影像, 多媒體視覺設計上發表創作, 作品亦多與音樂, 時裝有關。曾參與的演出有澳門藝穗節《M 型症候群》, 法國五月節 "France touches Hong Kong"等。

Base in Hong Kong and Macau, Saiyan a.k.a. Terence is one of the core members and resident DJ of the Magnetic Soul Crew- most visible and prolific Drum and Bass Crew in Hong Kong's music scene. He is also the organiser of the first Drum n Bass / Dubstep, Bass Attack in Macao, to promote the Dn'B / Dubstep music in his motherland, which was named as "The historic moment".

Saiyan started to get into different kind of music since 1990. His musical influences come from the broad spectrums of music today, Soul, Jazz, Electro, Funk, Drum N' Bass, Breaks, Hip-hop, jungle and dub. Saiyan and his friends founded the band called Dr. in their home-town of Macau in 2002, with their individual formative roots ranging from producing Nu Skool Breakz,Drum N' Bass,Jungle,Experiment,Dub music. In 2004, Dr. released their debut album – "Dr" and keep their focus on music production and live performance.

In 2005, Saiyan joined Magnetic Soul and organized several monthly events, one off events, and brought several International Drum N Bass DJs into Hong Kong. Saiyan started to spin Drum N' Bass, Dubstep, IDM, Dub and since this time with Magnetic Soul he has supported artists such as Roni Size (Full Cycle), LTJ Bukem (Good Looking Records), Ed Rush & Optical (Virus), Total Science ( C.I.A.), Dj Fresh (Bad Company/ Breakbeat Kaos/ Dogsonacid/ UK), Dj Randall (Metalheadz), Spectrasoul (Shogun Audio), Utah Jazz( Liquid V ), Q-BiK (Basewerk/ Perth), DJ Outrage (backlash), DJ Makoto (Good Looking Records), Sonic (Space Recordings), TC1(Dispatch Recording), T-base (Jazzbah Records), John B etc, and also played in festival such as Macao Electronic Dance Music Festival 2009.

Beside from music, Saiyan is also the professional in the fashion graphic and multi-media industry. He's using another name, Mr. Piksi focuses on fashion graphic desiign, video, motion graphic production. He was participated in different art projects eg 《Type M Syndrome》of Macao Fringe Festival; Macau art festival and France touches Hong Kong of French May.


郭瑞萍/Candy Kuok  

『石頭公社』成員,參予活動策劃、創作及演出。曾赴巴黎、倫敦、印度、維也維、紐約等地遊學,接受不同類型的身體訓練和舞蹈技巧。喜歡結合不同元素, 與不同媒體的藝術工作者合作。作品曾先後於「澳門城市藝穗」、「澳門藝術節」、「國際青年舞蹈節」、「牛房劇季」中發表。 2005年更與敲擊樂手Cult_loc 組成「埠打埠實驗工場」,共同發掘更多不同的創作可能性。


Member of “Comuna de Pedra Cultural and Arts Association”, taking part in project curation, choreograph, performing and teaching; Candy has traveled to Paris, London, India, Vienna and New York, received trainings that incorporated various disciplines and contemporary dance techniques. In recent years, Candy started to be more engaged in creative and choreographic process, collaborating artists of different media and talents. Her works have been presented in the Macao Fringe Festival, Macao Arts Festival, Macao International Juvenile Dance Festival and Oxwarehouse Theatre Season. In 2005, Candy joined with Cult_loc and formed "Soda-City Experimental Workshop", with the attempts to explore together, the different possibilities for live and creative spaces.

Candy works extensively in children’s body-inspiring and art education work; She is also a US registered yoga teacher, with the mission to promoting the life changing benefits of Yoga.


羅家輝/ Lo Ka Fai


Lo KaFai, born in Macau. He loves art and cultural activities, workshops and performances. He touched on improvisation dance through the workshops of Janpanese choreographer Makoto Matsushima. He was one of the major roles in "Andersen's Musical Concert for his 200th Birth Anniversary" (2005). In 2006 and 2007, he participated OUT TO Miniature Theatre "Sweet Goodbye" and "The Suitcase". In 2008, he went to Poland for the participation of The International Dance Festival. In the same year, he became the sub-director of dance in Long Fung Drama Club.

2010年8月6日 星期五

<蕙景蘭心> 謝景蘭藝術回顧展
Frangance of the mind - A Retrospective of Lalan's work
Exhibition Opening Performance

地點/Venue:澳門藝術博物館 Macao Art Museum
時間/Date :2010.03
演出/Perform : 梳打埠實驗工場 Soda-city Experimental Workshop
表演者/Performer : Cult_loc (音樂/music) ; 郭瑞萍/Candy Kuok (舞蹈/Candy Kuok)

2010年8月1日 星期日

澳門城市藝穗 2009
<<玩.風景>> 2.1 天井試驗版 / 2.2 活氧保濕版

Macao City Fringe 2009
Playing Landscape 2.1Patio Beta / 2.2 O3 Version


Sodacity Experimental Workshop joins OUT TO Production for "Playing Landscape", which is a dramatic dialogue between performers and the mult-media ink video, there will be a series of collisions between traditional and modern arts during the process, whcih creates a frameless imaginative lanscape. The show has choosen two special places : courtyard of terrace pub, children swimming pool. Making use of the ink multi-media, live music and improvisational dance movements as main elements, a mature and mischievous atmosphere based on the original scenery is created, stacking a rich and innovative scenery.