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Dancercise 舞習作・ 2020-2021
8月 : 《Welcome back to dance 回來跳舞 - 舞蹈工作坊》
11月 : 《The Experienced Body 工作坊》
12月 : 《身體即興工作坊》
2021年 : 《Gaga 動作靈感工作坊》
2021年:《探索的旅程 - 舞蹈工作坊》

Beyond Dance・ 2020-2021
5月 - 2021年1月 : 《在動中的自我察覺 - 舞蹈動作治療體驗》
9月 - 10月 : 《做自己的情緒容器 - 舞蹈動作治療體驗》
10月- 2021年:《舞動好心情 - 長者舞動體驗》
2021年:《Bartenieff Fundamentals 巴特妮芙動作基礎入門工作坊》
2021年 : 《Body Mind Centering 入門工作坊》

11月 - 2021年3月

澳門藝術節 - 紀錄劇場《從記憶看見你》

2010年10月17日 星期日



Each environment has its own respective emotion.

This is a process of emotion writing with sound, video and dance;

A collage of journey and memory

2010年10月16日 星期六


旅程.記憶.拼貼/ Journey.Memory.Collage

〝通過三次去到 Varanasi 恆河邊,去尋找音樂的旅程,到今天能沈澱下來的,就集成為這「記憶」了。


“I travelled to Varanasi for three times, a journey to look for music by the side of Ganges River, what has been accumulated today integrated as my “MEMORY”.

From my first trip to Ganges, I encountered different travelers everyday. Each one of them had his respective purpose and itinerary. Some just hang around and kill time; while some oth
ers seeking for Avatar, hoping to go to heaven earlier; there were quite a number of people aiming to explore Indian music as well. And finally I met this friend of really “a meeting of minds”. The music and multi medium that intersect in this creative process will thus integrate as our future “MEMORY”.


"During the rehearsal, my belly is so big and heavy, due date is in early November, very soon, my baby will come out to see this world. Now, I find that my body becomes cumbersome, tired and pain, I hope I can finish as soon as possible the rehearsals of the dance part, as well as arrangements and co-ordination of the show, including the venue, lighting, creative, production, administrative …….... and so on, then I can really relax and prepare for my labor; the rest…..be entrusted. Prospective father concerns about me, trying to persuade me to cancel the show several times. I certainly understand his worry and thank him for his love and care, But you know, pregnancy is a time of great vitality when your body is filled with creative energy and life force, it makes me a little difficult to calm down. This is an exciting and life-long journey, all the experience and feeling are brand new, everyday is a new lesson to learn. I have to adjust and adapt myself to more upcoming changes.”

Candy (監製/Producer):


In my childhood memories, sitting in the Lam Van Bay and Sai Van Bay, looking out the banks, there’s a broad vision, We could see a beautiful bay with far away mountain ranges, sometimes a fishing boat out fishing on the water, what a leisure atmosphere!. But now, what we see are blocks of highrise, neon building in front of us. In the near future, with the development of New City Reclamation Project, Lam Van Lake C, D district, and the first phase of light rail station will be located in the northern shore of Lam Van Lake…………….. Also, the artificial island for housing the “Zhuhai-Macao Port” of “Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge” in front The Pearl sculpture is now under construction, which is expected to be completed in December 2012. By that time, there will be another new landscape and skyline.

I choose this site as the location of "Memory – Multi-media Concert" because at this moment of time, looking out from this particular direction, we can still see a panoramic view with broad water surface, and hear the sound of the tide hitting the rocky bank. Thus, whil
e we are still having this beautiful scenery before the flooding of urban development , let’s treasure and enjoy !

MU Child: